For almost 20 years a group of ex-Acorn employees and friends have played a weekly game of 5-a-side football. The games were originally organised by Owen Love and it is in his memory that the games he loved so much continue.

In March 2002 the club became "Official". In order to block book our Friday games at Cherry Hinton Village Centre, we needed to create a constitution for the club and elect club officials. The electorate was made up of senior and long standing players and the results of the election can be found on this site. Unlike the UK or US elections, there is nothing in the 5-a-side consitution which demands new elections. This is because the chairman is thoroughly corrupt, and enjoying his 15th year in office.
We play on a Friday afternoon at Cambridge Regional College on Kings Hedges Road. This is actually the original location of the first game, even though we moved for a number of years to Cherry Hinton.
Since we started recording statistics, 150+ players have played some part in the games which shows how popular they can be. That said, we still have trouble finding 10 players.

Some members of the club have played over 600 games and still ask every week how much they have to pay to play.

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The Chairman.
Team photograph, c1905.